A Farewell Party

Warm smiles ebb and flow with the

flickering candlelight against a wooden wall

backdrop, inside a splintered frame. They crowd

a long table in a dark room, each

face a twinkle in the other’s young glassy eyes,

a hodgepodge of black ties and fat sweats,

splashy sundresses and bro-tanks–


I stare in at them. I stand in the night,

enjoying the wood wall between us, the hands of

dust in the corners of the windowpane,

the sweet-breathed breeze that smells like fresh

snow mingled with violets, their smiles and

warm vocal-on-skin tones, my thin-soled

shoes on uneven stones and twigs and leaves

and how I can feel the face of the earth with

my feet and know where I am even when I stand

alone in the wooded darkness blind.


My heartstrings tremble for an unspeakable tune.

I walk away from the window and feel my way

through shadow-on-shadow for an acoustic

friend, wrap my hands around its neck

and ring it hard and slowly and off

beat and sing over it slightly out of tune but no

one’s counting except the deaf trees

clapping in the breeze, maybe God, and me.

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